Rise of the Runelords

Goblins Everywhere!

...where the adventure starts with a BANG!

1 Eleint 1478 DR

The annual Swallowtail Festival takes place on the first day of autumn, which is the first of Eleint. The party, having never met before were either passing through Sandpoint, or were residents there. Vara, having grown up in town, was home visiting family after having been training at the temples of Sune. Bleddyn <insert>. Lukas <insert>. Nim <insert>.

Orsik was dispatched from the Temple of Pelor in Waterdeep to spread the word of faith while attending the dedication of the new temple in Sandpoint, the old having burnt to the ground in 1473 DR after a disastrous. This fire claimed the previous temple, but also the White Stag Inn and several other notable establishments in the area. It also claimed the life of Father Ezakian Tobyn.

In a day of immense celebration, the individuals attended the fair and enjoyed the oratories of several key citizens including the mayor, the sheriff and Father Zantus. As sunset approached, Father Zantus ignited a thunderstone to begin the final blessing of the new church. Within moments, Orsik spotted a small figure scamper from the shadows of one building to another at the north end of town, followed quickly by a dog’s bark then a yelp in pain. Within moments, goblins were pouring into the city stabbing the festival goers whereever they could reach. Thinking quickly, Vara charged the small group of 5 goblins and engaged them in combat at the steps of the new cathedral.

The goblins died quickly (and easily), but more appeared, 4 of which were wearing pieces of scrap metal and leather that served as their own special armor. This group charged at Bleddyn and Lukas and, as they approached, launched javelins at the two. Lukas was pierced through the side by a javelin, but, fortunately for him, Orsik, a cleric of Pelor, was at the ready to quickly heal him and get him back in the fight. Nim, the resident warlock spent the entire fight teleporting AROUND the field of battle slinging spells that caused a great deal of consternation in the goblins. Finally, Bleddyn summoned his Spirit Wolf to aid in the fight.

Within minutes, the goblins were dealt with. However, chaos still ran through the city as this was not the only group of goblins to invade Sandpoint. As the party caught their breath, they saw the citizens flee for their homes, trying to fight off, or run off, individual goblins that were having a field day of looting and burning. A large explosion detonated to the south of the fairgrounds and the party first noticed another large group of goblins that had lit a wagon afire.

In an effort to scare them off, Nim cast his Ghost Sound spell, mimicking the sound of a horse (as Goblins are deathly afraid of horses). This shook one warrior up so badly that he broke and ran to the south, leaving the party 5 goblins cutters, 2 goblin hexers and one remaining goblin warrior. All of which saw the party and immediately charged them. The goblin hexers were able to get off their vexing cloud spells, which provided concealment and cover to the goblins, making them difficult to see, much less hit. However, they were quickly dealt with as Vara and Lukas stepped outside the cloud and, swinging wildly where they thought the goblins would be, connected, quickly slaying 2 of them. After that, the remaining three proved little challenge, and the hexers, targeting first Nim, then Vara, managed to successfully blind them. The blindness was temporary and both Nim and Vara quickly shook off the effects of the spell. Quickly enough to recover and assist in dealing with the remaining hexers once the nuisance of the goblin cutters was dealt with.

As the last goblin died, the party heard a scream from the North section of the fairgrounds and saw a man named Aldern Foxglove of Waterdeep (whom Vara recognized) surrounded by a group of goblins, one of whom was sitting astride a goblin dog. After the goblins killed the dog accompanying Aldern, Lukas climbed the roof and began firing his crossbow at them, while Vara charged into combat swearing vengeance for the death of the puppy. Lukas was able, through two VERY lucky shots, to quickly kill the goblin atop the dog, leaving Vara to attack the dog. The goblin sharpshooters fired back, while Bleddyn and Orsik moved in to assist Lukas.

Thinking quickly, Nim teleported around the party and slammed one of the other goblins against the wall, pinning him there magically. As the goblin dog and goblin sharpshooters fell to the might of the party, Lukas leapt off the roof in an attempt to kill the pinned goblin skullcrusher. However, the goblin managed to avoid his poorly timed blow and broke free of the magical restraint. Just in time to prevent Lukas from being surrounded, the party was able to kill the first of the two skullcrushers allowing them all time to quickly, and quite viciously, deal with the remaing skullcrusher.

Once safe, Aldern Foxglove, who seems to be quite taken aback by the “beautiful” Vara, thanked the party profusely, giving them each 5 gold, asking the party to dinner with him at the Rusty Dragon, and offering an open invitation to attend the boar hunt scheduled 2 days hence.



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