Rise of the Runelords

The Shopkeep's Daughter, a Boar Hunt, and, of course, GOBLINS!

...where the party enjoys their celebrity and almost dies

2-5 Eleint 1478 DR

Following the events of the Swallowtail Festival, the party has become famous around the town of Sandpoint. The whole city is abuzz with the Saviors of Sandpoint and the fact that they not only saved countless lives, but stopped the goblins from destroying their city.

As their celebrity grew, the party was courted by many businesses and individuals seeking to capitalize on their fame. Ven Vinder, owner of the Sandpoint General Store was one such individual. He offered the party a substantial discount of his inventory if they would patronize his shop and spread the word that he was one of the merchants that “supported” them in their needs.

On the afternoon of 2 Eleint, the group agreed to pay a visit to Vinder’s establishment, thinking that they might find something of use. While Vin wasn’t there, his attractive daughter, Shayliss Vinder was left to mind the store. Shayliss’ older sister, Katrine has been quite the talk of the town, having moved in with one of the men who works at the lumber mill (and who is twice her age!)

Shayliss seemed quite taken by Orsik and followed him throughout the store, asking questions and being slightly flirtatious. She then asked him to come back to the store room so that they could talk in private, as everyone else in the group was asking questions and generally making a nuisance of themselves (in her opinion). Orsik, not use to the flirtations of a human girl, followed her back where she promptly sat on his lap and continued her conversation. She told him about how miserable her life was with her dad, as he always kept an eye on her and never let him out of his sight. Especially since her sister Katrine had “gone and shacked up with Kleive”.

Fearing that Vin may return and catch one of their own in a compromising position, Bleddyn, Lukas, Nim and Vara tried to intervene. Orsik tried to extricate himself from the situation, but Shayliss was quite persuasive and he really didn’t want to offend her. Lukas decided to create a distraction by climbing onto the roof of the store. There he hoped to keep everyone, including Vin, upon his return.

Bleddyn, Nim and Vara all tried to reason with Shayliss, but very little convinced her to leave Orsik alone. In fact, she led him to the basement of the shop in an effort to claim some “real privacy”. Until the threat of having her reputation ruined was used. As Shayliss stormed up the stairs, Vin entered the store and, finding no one in the store itself, demanded an explanation as to why he had a one person on his roof and everyone else was in the storeroom. The party explained that Shayliss was looking for an item that she thought was located in the back, and that she had told them of a rat problem, so they were checking things out. All was eventually smoothed over and Vin believed the story. Shayliss, however, is quite angry at the party and at Nim in particular, as he tripped her coming up the stairs. She’s not going to reveal anything, for now, because she knows Vin will further tighten the limits on her if he even suspects her of being inappropriate.

As they exited the shop, Amelie Barett came running up to the party with her infant Verah, and 4 year old Aeren, her son, in tow. Visibly shaken, she tearfully recounted how, since the festival and Aeren witnessing goblins setting a cat afire, the poor child has been plagued by nightmares. Aeren had screamed that he saw a “closet goblin” when he was tucked in for bed, and after repeated soothing, and discipline by Alergast, his father, the poor boy cried himself to sleep. That morning, however, they heard the family dog, Petal, yelp in pain and when they threw open the bedroom door, they found a nasty goblin trying to get to Aeren, while Petal lay whimpering on the floor dying. As proof of this attack, Amelie showed the party Aeren’s arms, covered in scratches and bites and tells them that Alergast flew into a rage and was destroying the house in an effort to get the goblin, who fled in a hole in the closet floor. She begged that the party please go save her husband, and her home, and rid them of their goblin problem.



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